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Is it Real? Overwhelming amount of FAKES

As I was recently preparing for an auction of pre-owned vintage and designer scarves for my store ScarvesiLove, I became increasingly agitated. Do you know the feeling? You’re going about a day’s work when you come across something that doesn’t seem to add up? The sick feeling in the pit of your stomach compels you to do further research, but while you hope you’re wrong, one simple Google search packs yet another punch.

That’s how my day went. As I was researching and gathering inventory, I was shocked to discover an alarming number of fake scarves for sale online. One Google search of the phrase “fake designer scarves” led me to pages of designer knock-off scarves for sale. I find that very disappointing.

Don’t Fall Prey to Fashion Trickery

Now, there are always the obviously poorly made cheap scarves that I avoid. Then there are those scarves that are deceptively lovely, but not authentic. On one hand, they appear to be what I’m looking for—quality silk, hand rolled and hand stitched. But on further examination, I discover they bear fake signatures! 

The purpose of this blog post isn’t to explain to you how to spot a fake, but rather to let you know how important it is to check the authenticity of what you are buying. It annoys me to think a person may think they’re purchasing one thing, but then receive something quite different.   

Now the flip side that I tell my friends. If you love a scarf, you love the look, the colors, it is quality… but it’s not a familiar, expensive name brand, there is no shame in that. Enjoy it! Where it bothers me is someone being deceptive and someone paying for something based on thinking it was something it is not.

My Personal Commitment

After working with scarves over several years, it’s become easier for me to spot the fakes. Doing so has made it difficult to resist becoming a member of the “fake silk scarf police.” But that’s not my calling. I will continue to stay educated and commit to only offering beautiful, quality, authentic pieces to my customers.  

As a curator of top-quality pre-owned Designer scarves, I am committed to never knowingly sell a fake scarf!