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How to care for your silk scarf

Congratulations on the purchase of an exquisite, luxurious silk scarf—one you’ll be sure to enjoy for years if you properly care for it.

 Silk is a wonderful natural fabric, but prone to absorbing moisture and scents. To protect your silk scarf from damage, apply any self-care products before adding your scarf. Avoid spraying your silk scarf with hairspray or perfumes. Over time, these products can be harsh on the silk fibers.

 Silk is strong and durable, but its natural fibers can also be vulnerable to damage and the wrong washing method can ruin your scarf. Many care labels will tell you to dry clean your silk scarf, but be leery of the harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning. Gentle handwashing is a good alternative.

Depending on the scarf, color run is the biggest concern when washing. Because of the potential for dye bleed, you may want to test an inconspicuous area of the scarf before immersing it in water.

 Wash With Care

 As for what cleaning agent to use, any mild, alkaline-free product will work including a baby shampoo with very little scent. I have had wonderful results from handwashing my silk scarves with a great product called SOAKWASH (™ Not an affiliate, just a fan).

 Be careful when trying to remove a stain from your silk scarf. Excessive rubbing may tear the tiny fibers. Even if there is only one soiled area of the scarf, it is best to immerse the entire scarf in the water to ensure the texture stays the same and to avoid water stains.  

Gently swirl the fabric in a sink of cool or warm water keeping in mind to avoid temperature extremes and unnecessary heat. Do not be tempted to soak your silk scarf longer than a few minutes.

Rinse your scarf carefully and dry it flat between two towels. Then allow it to air dry by laying it flat or hanging over a rod. You may lightly iron your scarf while it’s still damp using a cool setting for a smooth and shiny finish.

The cleaning of your silk scarf may require time and attention, but your tender loving care will extend its life for as long as you own it.


DO NOT WRING OR TWIST your scarf.  I like to squeeze using a fresh white towel.  Hang your scarf loosely or lay flat to dry... do not let it double over itself, or color run may happen.  

DO NOT DRY scarf outside in the sun.

IRONING ~ I like to iron on the reverse side of the scarf.  I spritz the the scarf with distilled water before applying a medium heat iron.  Pure silk can handle the occasional hot iron ~ a synthetic will easily melt.    I do not like to iron folds into scarves but this is a personal preference, over time they will stay and weaken scarf.

STORING ~ I like to hang my scarves where I can see them and will be more apt to use them.  A drawer works great, but it is easy to forget them, and often times a fresh ironing is needed!