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Accessories with Scarves

Scarves can add so much to your outfits! 

As a scarf stylist and curator of silk, vintage, and designer pre-owned scarves for 18 years, I have purchased pieces for my personal collection. I now have so many scarves I’ve lost count.

In conversation recently, when complimented on the scarf I was wearing I commented that the scarf was one of my favorites. She went on though and asked what made the scarf a favorite. I paused. I'm not sure that I had stopped to ask myself that?  

I thought about my large collection, and I decided it’s a favorite and an easy go to because:

1. I love the color. It adds the right pop of color and accents so many things I wear.
2. I like its comfortable look and luxurious feel. It doesn’t feel stuffy. Though it resembles cotton, it is actually 100% silk.
3. It dresses up something as simple as a basic white T-shirt with a jean jacket. It’s an easy addition to any outfit.

Other scarves have made my favorite list because they are trendy and fun. I might be in the mood for an animal print, for instance. I likely wouldn’t wear a complete animal print top or jacket so an animal print scarf provides just the right amount of animal print I want. Another color or print may be in style for that season, but I don't want to invest in or I'm just not that sure. I guess in that sense a scarf is non committal. 

One scarf I own is primarily purple. I don't think I own a single clothing item in purple, but this simple accessory accents many basic outfits without much effort.

You may love a particular scarf simply because it feels fabulous on. - a Silk/cashmere pashmina feels so soft and cozy around your neck on a chilly day.

A Designer scarf is a small splurge (at a fraction of cost with preowned).  My pink and ivory Chanel scarf is a favorite because it’s just me. It was a great pre-owned and pre-loved find.

If you’re thinking about adding scarves to your accessories inventory, think variety, color, stunning artwork, and amazing fabrics. And of course if you are shopping in person, feel the fabric against your skin. Try on the scarf and notice how it makes you feel

Is it time for you to start a new favorite scarf collection? Whether you plan to pair your new favorite scarf with a dress or T-shirt, it’s sure to elevate any outfit, day or night.